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Our Foot Team

Meet our team of experienced foot care professionals, who have held senior and chief positions in the fields of diabetes, advanced therapies, biomechanics, research & development and clinical supervision.

If you’ve a specific foot problems, just call us and talk to our reception team about who the best person to see might be.

Biomechanics & Gait

Pain or recurring injury when walking or running affects all aspects life and health. The foot changes over time, and imbalance, malalignment and pressure can cause joint pains, bunions and hard skin.

Our specialist podiatrist assesses the mechanics of the foot and recommends treatments for a wide range of foot and leg problems related to walking, running and dance, just like tuning the engine of a car.

Medical Pedicure

Our award-winning, experienced HCPC registered professionals provide medical pedicures that reach parts not accessible with beauty pedicures.

Our podiatrists use medical instruments, sterilised to the highest standards, and advanced equipment, to painlessly restore feet back to their former glory and leave looking great and feeling fantastic.

Laser Therapy

Leigham Practice has been a leader in Low Level Laser Therapy for over 20 years. We use this technology, that is painless and without side effects, to treat a huge range of problems associated with injury, surgery, ill health and disease.

Treatment works by tapping into a process very similar to photosynthesis that occurs in animals, where light is converted into chemical energy and accelerates healing and repair.

Verruca Treatment

Our clinic, led by a former NHS Verruca Services manager, is one of the most experienced in the country in addressing this painful and persistent issue.

An initial assessment is important for all treatments to discuss the best options available for your problem. We have a range of highly effective treatments available to suit all the family.

Leigham at Home

We can come to you, even if you are housebound, injured, recovering from surgery, not feeling well, or have child care commitments.

We aim to provide a clinic-equivalent service and bring all equipment with us when we attend. We are prepared to travel far to see patients who cannot visit us.

Nail Care

The Podiatry Team at Leigham Practice can offer long-term solutions for all manner of nail problems.

Ingrown and recurring nail problems can be fixed permanently. Thick nails can be painlessly reduced, improving both appearance and comfort Fungal nails can be effectively treated and returned to their normal appearance.

Free Online Consultation

Ask us a question about a problem or send us a picture and we’ll see if we can give you an answer for free.

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Many of our services can be booked immediately online. If you don’t see your treatment, please contact us.

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What people say about us

“I used the services of a gentleman called Gavin for foot treatment in December 2022, we are now in March 2023 and the issue has not come back as it had before. I cannot sing Gavin's praises enough, thank you Leigham Practice for being on my doorstep and helping with my foot problem.”


“Daud's knowledge was really good as was his explanation of the problem I have. He gave me treatment options and didn't force anything upon me only suggested what I could do. He was professional and friendly, amazing young man.”


“I had a good chat with Candice at reception which made me feel at ease. The Podiatrist Gavin attended to my feet, got the corns out painlessly which is a first. And tidied up my nails and rough heels. I can now look at my toe nail without feeling ashamed. I also learned a lot more about my foot health and most importantly that I don't have to live in pain with that imbedded painful corn. Even if it re-appears I know where to go to get help. Gavin was a lovely man and you can tell he cares for you. Your not just a patient and more like a friend. Even the patients that went before me I could hear them greeting him and him them enquiring how they were. And on leaving the same level of genuine friendliness and care. A complete 100% customer service from booking the appointment to arriving at the surgery and treatment.”


“Every treatment always helps significantly with my difficult feet, but the last one has restored flexibility to a toe joint after years, and thereby changed my whole gait, my ability to wear shoes, and, naturally, everything I do other than sit still. I shall soon be driving the 160 miles from where I live to his consulting room.”


“I had painful corns and calluses on my feet and came across Leigham Practice. I called and got an appt the same day and was seen by Dr Abdirahman who was very skilled and removed them within minutes. He also gave good tips and suggestions on how to manage and prevent them going forward. The reception staff were also lovely and professional. Thank you for the brilliant service!”


“I came to see Gavin after YEARS of issues with veruccas. I had tried everything and was turned away by numerous specialists… until I came to Leigham Practice. I can’t thank you enough, within a few weeks my feet had completely cleared up. I have waited a while to post this review as to be honest I expected them to come back, but they haven’t! Thank you Gavin!”


“I had three awful and painful corns on my right foot. Daud was very professional and got rid of them very swiftly. I would highly recommend this place. My foot is healing nicely.”


“I've attended the Leigham Practice on and off over several years for various foot problems, and always been extremely happy with the treatment I've received, to the extent that they've even successfully cured annoying little problems that I'd been given to understand elsewhere couldn't be treated and had to 'just take their course'. They always go the extra mile to make sure that everything that can be done is done, and always in my case very successfully. Not only is their standard of treatment superb, but it's always a pleasure to attend, because everyone from the therapists to the receptionists is so friendly and kind, and genuinely interested in you. I'd never hesitate to recommend the Leigham Practice to anyone.”


Why have chiropody / podiatry at Leigham Practice?

If you’re asking ‘why’ come to Leigham Practice, you are asking the right question, and the one we ask on a fundamental level every day – ‘why?’. These days, many patients and healthcare professionals are concerned about finding out what symptoms relate to. For example, if someone has foot pain, they want to know if this is because there is a tear to a ligament, or arthritis of the joint, or a problem with the tendon, or the pinching of a nerve, or a corn, or verruca, or something else? The problem is that by focusing on what the problem is, you can end up just treating the symptoms. At Leigham Practice, we don’t just want to find out what your problems are, we want to understand why they are. If we can do something about why you have problems, we can find a cure, so if you’re asking why come to Leigham Practice you are asking our sort of question – why? We always aim to cure, not just to treat.

Is it Chiropody or Podiatry?

They are the same. Chiropody was a very British and Commonwealth term for healthcare professionals who treat foot problems, and it was, in fairness, a bit of a muddle and a fudge of words. ‘Chiro’ means ‘of the hands’ and ‘Pod’ means ‘foot’, so it was supposed to mean ‘someone who used their hands to treat the feet’. With Chiropractic becoming more popular from the 1960’s it began to become confusing, and also difficult for people travelling – you might find a chiropodist in Canada, but you could only find a podiatrist in the United States. Podiatry is the term used in other parts of the world, and it is also a more correct term – ‘Pod’ meaning ‘foot’ and ‘-iatry’ meaning ‘the medical treatment of’, so in the 1990’s, the term Podiatry was adopted as a protected title, meaning only who had qualified after three years of full time education an call themselves a podiatrist. According to the law, chiropody and podiatry are the same thing.

What do podiatrists treat?

Our podiatrists at Leigham Practice treat all kinds of foot problems, and there are a lot of problems that can occur. Our feet sometimes have problems we inherit through our family, they can be affected by illness or disease, they can suffer many types of injuries and wounds that can cause short term or long-term problems, they can be affected by sport, performance or occupation, the feet can pick up infections and, like a car, the feet change constantly throughout our lives because we walk around on them: Because we move – we change. And, the more miles we travel, the more problems we’ll get. We often say to our patients – just like your car, it’s important to look after them, bit if you’ve got a problem with your car, like your feet, you just need to know a good garage.