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Chiropody Podiatry Home Visits in South London

  • We bring our services to your home
  • Our standard of care is equivalent to that of our clinic
  • Our normal clinical charge plus a call out fee based on distance

Injuries, post-operative recovery, poor health, child care commitments and many other reasons can prevent people from visiting us at our clinic, so we can bring our practice to you.

We bring sealed sterilised instruments, our own lighting, seating, footrest, diagnostic equipment and the very latest foot care technology to reduce thick nails, remove hard skin and relive pain, and can provide a quality of care equivalent to that provided at our practice.

The cost of this service is simply our normal clinical fee plus a callout fee based upon how far our team need to travel, since the further we travel, the more time we block off in order to visit someone in their home. We use a straight line calculator to measure the distance between our clinic and your home to make sure we can explain the correct costs.

We can often arrange convenient appointments at fairly short notice and are open 6 days a week.

We are happy to discuss any problems or answer any further questions so contact us today for further help.

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