Welcome to Leigham Practice: one of London’s longest established and reputable multidisciplinary therapy centres

Yes, we are open! We’re also one of the very few private healthcare practices that have never closed, continuing to provide expert care to our patients when there was nowhere left to go, and so have exceptional experience in keeping people safe. At Leigham Practice we also combine expert therapists with innovative treatments and advanced technology to provide lasting comfort relief.

Our services include:

  • Highly experienced and award-winning physiotherapists
  • Award-winning and Masters Level Osteopaths
  • Highly experienced Acupuncture Team for medical, health, and stress-related problems
  • Award-winning podiatrists, chiropodists and Biomechanical specialist for foot problems

You can find us on the main Streatham High Road itself, just along from Streatham Hill station and contact us if you have anything you’d like to discuss about our team, your problem or how we can help.

We always aim to cure, not just to treat