• Effective treatment of nail problems

• Permanent solution for ingrown nails

• Effective treatment of fungal nails

• Nail cutting only service

Effective treatment for nail conditions at Leigham Practice

Our podiatry team offer excellent solutions for a wide range of problems affecting nails. If you have a particular problem not listed here just give us a call, or click the ‘Consultation’ button, and we’ll ask our team what they can do to help.

Permanent correction of ingrown and involuted nails

We’ve an exceptional record for permanently correcting painful ingrown nails (a spike of nail digs into the flesh) and involuted nails (the sides of the nail curve round and irritate the sides) with over 1000 procedures performed with complete success, and with a recovery that involves no time off work in almost all cases.

If you are new to Leigham Practice you can book online using the ‘Podiatry, New Client (non-biomechanical/gait)’ appointment, or call us for an appointment with one of our podiatry team for an assessment and information about the various options for your nail problem.

For nails where a permanent solution would be the best option, we offer inclusive packages of care for convenience and peace of mind.

Package for one toe – £580

Inclusive of the nail procedure, 2 scheduled follow-up review appointments and redressing materials. This package also includes any further review appointments our team feel necessary to monitor and manage recovery for a period of up to 12 weeks.

Package for two toes – £730

Inclusive of the nail procedure, 2 follow-up review appointments and redressing materials. This package also includes any further review appointments our team feel necessary to monitor and manage recovery for a period of up to 12 weeks.

Additional procedure fees + £150 per toe

Nail procedures take approximately 60-90 minutes with follow-up appointments 2-4 days after, and a further appointment scheduled approximately one week after the first review appointment.

Simply contact us, or book in today, for an assessment to discuss options for ingrown nails with our podiatry team, find out what’s involved and ask our specialists any questions.

Effective treatment for Fungal Nails

Treating fungal nails does not have to be a frustrating experience. You just need to understand what you are dealing with.

At Leigham Practice our team of podiatrists can take you through the simple process of working out the best option for your nail problem. Just call us to make an appointment, or book online selecting ‘Podiatry, New Client (non-biomechanical/gait)’, to get effective advice and treatment.

Start by getting a good diagnosis

About 30% of patients seeking our help at Leigham Practice for fungal nails don’t have fungal nails.There are many problems that cause nails to become discoloured, or grow thicker, or grow irregularly, so getting a good diagnosis from our team allows us to give you specific advise on effective treatment for your nail problem.

Treating superficial fungal nail infections

There is an uncommon type of fungal nail infection named ‘superficial white onychomycosis’, which sits on the surface of a nail. It appears as though someone as put some white nailpaint on the nail that doesn’t come off. This is generally very easy for our podiatrists to treat, who use special equipment to painlessly thin the top surface of the nail rremoving the fungus completely. Usually, only one treatment is necessary.

Treating deep fungal nail infections

The vast majority of people suffering from fungal nails have infections that arise from the nail bed, meaning treatments put on the surface of the nail are unlikely to penetrate through the thickened nail to reach the nail bed. Our team reduce the thickness of the nail and recommend an effective treatment to apply. Thet compare images taken at your appointments to check you are progressing well, and most of our patients take four treatments, or fewer, to treat the nail successfully.

Treating resistant or stubborn nail infections

In stubborn cases, particularly if the nail itself is thick, our team gets excellent results from lifting the nail away under local anaesthetic in a procedure similar to nail correction. The seperation of the nail allows antifungal treatments to be applied directly to the nail bed, killing the fungus as the nail regrows.

Treatment for thickened nails

Our team may take the medical side of thier profession seriously, but many foot problems are more ‘cosmetic’, with thickened toe nails ranking highly on problems that people find unsightly or upsetting. Our team have specialist equipment to shape nails to improve their appearance and can also discuss the causes of the problems and explain how nail problems can be managed in the long term. Just call us or book in online using the ‘Podiatry, New Client (non-biomechanical/gait)’ appointment option.

Treatment of Nail Conditions

There are many different conditions affecting nails, and many different illnesses that can impact upon the nail. Podiatrists aim to first establish the correct diagnosis and then to offer advice and effective treatment. If you have a question regarding a nail problem, please contact us or send a photo in for our team to look at for free using the ‘Consultation’ button on every web page.

Nail Cutting Only Service

We offer a service for people with uncomplicated health whose only problems are difficulty in cutting their nails. Just call us to make an appointment, or book online using the ‘Podiatry, New Client (non-biomechanical/gait)’ appointment, and our team will assess and treat your feet. If suitable, the nail cutting only service offers a reduced rate for subsequent appointments.

Do I need a referral for permanent nail correction?

No. We are a private practice and do not need any referral from a medical or healthcare professional. Just make an appointment for an assessment and discussion about the options available.

Are fungal nail treatments 100% successful?

Almost. It’s rare that we find fungal nails that cannot be successfully treated. If we spot that treatment is not going well, we will talk to you about other options, such as writing to your GP to recommend oral medication.

Do you use the laser on fungal nails?

We are certainly one of London’s longest established clinics using Low Level Laser Therapy to speed up healing and repair in tendons, ligaments, ulcers and wounds without pain or side effects, but the evidence for low level laser treatment in the fight against fungal nails is not good on its own. However, we often use low level lasers with other treatments to give the best possible outcomes for our patients. If we use low level laser equipment we will not charge more for using this equipment.