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Ingrown nail correction in Streatham, London

  • Complete care of troublesome nails
  • Permanent Correction of Ingrown Nails
  • Nails can be fixed – in your lunch break

When nail problems are difficult to self-manage, the Podiatry Team at Leigham Practice can offer both long-term care, or a long-term solutions for troublesome toe nails.

Permanent Correction of Ingrown Nails
For persistent, ingown and troublesome nails, you will be delighted to know we offer a simple procedure that offers a permanent fix.

Our nail correction technique:

  • is performed entirely under local analgaesia – only the toe being treated is numb
  • is painless to have performed
  • usually takes approximately one hour
  • can be performed during your lunch break
  • usually needs no time off work
  • allows you to walk immediately afterwards
  • can deliver a cosmetically pleasing result
  • offers a permanent solution
  • is performed by experts with a track record of 100% success in over a thousand procedures

Getting started
Just contact us and ask for an assessment with our highly experienced podiatrists, who between them have performed well over 1000 corrections of ingrown nail problems.

We can explain your options for correction, what treatment will involve and what results can be expected. This is also your opportunity to talk about your problems and to ask us questions.We can also talk about what you need to do before, during and after the procedure.

Following your visit, you can decide if you would like to proceed with permanent nail correction to fix your troublesome nail.

The procedure itself can take approximately 60 minutes (90 minutes for complex, or multiple nail corrections) and we’ll advise you when to return for review appointments to check your progress.

“Just Nails” Nail-Cutting Only Service
We don’t always have to correct troublesome nails and you may not want us to. But if it’s difficult to cut the nails yourself (and there are a huge number of physical and health-related problems that can prevent this) our podiatrists offer a service called “Just Nails“.

If you feel you may be suitable, just make a normal podiatry appointment so our team can assess the health of your feet and your general health. This initial assessment, which includes treatment, is our standard clinical appointment fee of £65 for new patients, and £55 if you are already one of our existing patients.

If you are suitable for the Just Nails service, a note will be made on your record, and when making future appointments just mention “Just Nails” and we’ll book you in with a reduced fee of £40.

Please note, this service may not be suitable for ingrown nails, complex nail problems, or where you have complex health that may affect the feet, such as diabetes. Your podiatrist can discuss your suitability at your assessment.


Contact us today and ask to see one of our team to discuss a long-term solution to your painful nail problem.

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