• Experienced and award-winning team throughout the week and Saturdays

• Advanced therapeutic and diagnostic technologies

• We aim to cure, not just to treat

Our Team

Our physiotherapy and osteopathy team are experienced right up to Masters Level and treat the same problems and conditions with effective therapies.

You can find out more on the extraordinary skills and experience of our team here, or if you have a specific problem or issue please just ask and we will see who is the best person to see.

Your First Visit

When you attend your first appointment it’s helpful if you dress appropriately and bring in as much information as you can.

We’ve a helpful checklist that you can use before you attend, but there’s no need to worry if you don’t have such information to hand. Our team will assess you and discuss the best care for you when you attend..

Head & Neck Pain

Our musculoskeletal team are well known for their expertise in this area and deal with a wide variety of head and neck problems and pain, including whiplash and arthritic problems.

Our team can also access Low Level Laser Therapy, which is the only evidence-based treatment to treat neck pain. Just contact our team if you suffer from this debilitating problem.

Laser Therapy

At Leigham Practice we seek new and effective technology to accelerate healing, relieve pain and provide long-term solutions to injuries and illness.

We are one of London’s longest established and pioneering therapeutic laser centres and experienced in treating a wide range of problems from joint pain, resistant tendinopathies, nerve damage and many more conditions without pain or side effects.

Core & Pilates

Pilates is a system of specific exercises and movements which aims to improve performance in dancers and athletes, relieve pain in a wide range of postural and arthritic conditions and, by improving strength, muscle tone, stability and joint mobility.

Our team may recommend Pilates exercises to build up strength to return to work or sport and maintain an improved quality of life for the present and the future.

Rehab & Recovery

With an exceptional team, we can help recovery from a wide range of surgery and injuries and offer injury-specific expertise helping people return to full fitness, meaning your care is in the safest hands at Leigham Practice.

We have a wide range of therapeutic equipment and technology at our disposal to ensure you return to full fitness and strength in the most rapid, safe, and thorough way possible.

Back Pain

The Leigham Practice has been a multidisciplinary centre specialising in back pain & sciatica for a generation and we have a tremendous amount of expertise and evidence-based equipment available.

Our physiotherapy and osteopathy team aim to identify the origin and cause of the pain by moving different parts of the body, termed ‘neurodynamics’. By understanding why the back pain is occurring, it is possible to offer exceptionally targeted treatment or a cure.

Cranial Osteopathy

Many people assume that Cranial Osteopathy is osteopathy that is only applied to the head, yet although time is spent applying light pressures to the skull, we can apply Cranial Osteopathy throughout the body. We often describe it as a delicate form of osteopathy where gentle pressures, movements and manipulations releases stresses and strains throughout the body.

Occupation & Sports Injuries

When injury or incapacity strikes, you need to be in the hands of a clinic with the expertise to get you back to fitness or work as quickly as possible. Besides having a team of highly experience physiotherapists and osteopaths up to Masters level, our team have access to other treatments, such as acupuncture, ultrasound and Low Level Laser Therapy to treat both acute and chronic problems and get you better, quicker, faster and more thoroughly.

Dry Needling

Dry needling uses acupuncture techniques to relieve and restore. A natural and effective therapy, dry needling can relieve spasms and inflammation and often provides instantaneous relief and helps a rapid recovery.

Home Visits

It’s sometimes difficult to attend clinic.Childcare arrangements, poor health, post-surgery recovery, a busy lifestyle and many more reasons can prevent attendance at our practice, so we have can bring our services to you. We call it ‘Leigham at Home’.

Free Online Consultation

Ask us a question about a problem or send us a picture and we’ll see if we can give you an answer for free.

Book Online

Many of our services can be booked immediately online. If you don’t see your treatment, please contact us.

Request a Call Back

If you’d like us to try and call you back at a convenient time, please use this form and we’ll do our very best.

What people say about us

“This is the second time I have used Anna at the practice, firstly for an Achilles problem and this time for a shoulder injury. On both occasions it has been very worthwhile and the physio and exercises definitely worked. My partner has also used the practice, again with Anna, and we would both recommend her services.”


“I have had a few treatments at Leigham Practice for minor injuries – all the practitioners have been excellent. They are knowledgeable, informative and I trust their judgement. Most importantly, they have helped me manage injuries and get back into good shape again.”


“Really great service. Physio session was excellent. Staff were super friendly and helpful.”


“Wonderful Leigham Practice. I've been having Chiropody with Gavin at The Leigham Practice for many years, he is wonderful, and recently came to physio Chris who diagnosed and treated a painful back problem swiftly and successfully …followed by sports massage with Giulia which really did the trick. Feel very fortunate to have a place with such top notch professionals in their fields in our locale.”


“Attending the Leigham Practice is always a pleasure with team members pleasant to interact with and a willingness to help. I have received treatment by x3 different members of the team and all are excellent in their duties and the advice they offer.”


“Highly recommended local physio and osteopaths. Leigham practice is a great local practice in Streatham and I have been using them for years now. Very professional, helpful, and caring. They have consistently provided great service for me”


What’s MSK, Physiotherapy and Osteopathy?

MSK refers to ‘Musculo-Skeletal’ and refers to professionals who treat problems affecting the skeleton – joints, ligaments, muscles, tendons and pain – often as a result of injury, surgery, or just the changes that happen to us over time. In terms of the differences between our Physiotherapists and Osteopaths, we see them as the same. Both treat injuries and trauma, both help problems associated with illness and disease, and both help people recover from surgery. They both have a holistic approach, meaning they do not just look at your problems in isolation, but take into account your health, medication, sports, activities and many other factors so they can give you the most effective treatments. Our patients tell us they appreciate that our physiotherapists have a much more hands-on approach to helping people recover quickly than they have experienced elsewhere, and appreciate that our osteopaths have access to advanced medical technology to help patients rapidly return to full health that they have not had in other clinics. With either profession, your health will be in safe hands.

Why have treatment at Leigham Practice?

If you’re asking why come to Leigham Practice for treatment, you are asking the right question – ‘why?’ Many healthcare professionals are concerned working out ‘what’ your symptoms relate to – for example, if you’ve a pain in your ankle pain, the natural question is “What is causing the pain?” Is it a tear to a ligament, or arthritis of the joint, or a problem with the tendon, or the pinching of a nerve? However, treating ‘what’ the cause of the pain might be to just treat the symptoms. At Leigham Practice, we want to understand why you have problems, because if you can do something about why you have a problem, you should find a cure. If you’re asking why come to Leigham Practice, it’s because ‘why’ is the question we ask every day to give you the best possible results. We don’t just aim to treat a problem – we aim to cure.

What do your team treat?

The treat problems affecting the skeleton (made up of bones, muscles, tendons, joints, ligaments, nerves and blood vessels), problems with the way the body moves, problems with the way the body changes over time, and other problems we have along the way, such as injuries through sports or work, surgery or problems related to disease. We support our team with the most advanced and effective therapies, such as Low Lever Laser Therapy, and have the diagnostic equipment such as Doppler ultrasound and ultrasound imaging to help us more effectively treat your problems.