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Medical Pedicure in Streatham, London

  • Feet revived, rejuvenated and repaired
  • Pain instantly relieved and feet made comfortable
  • Feet restored to their former glory

We take 30 minutes or less to restore feet to their very best with our medical pedicures performed by our award-winning and highly experienced HCPC registered professionals as we reach the parts that ‘beauty pedicures’ do not.

  • Thickened or irregular nails are thinned, trimmed, shaped, smoothed using our medical nail drills without pain.
  • Corns, callus and cracked skin are reduced down to as near-perfect as possible.
  • A final smooth and a spot of cream will leave your feet looking great and you feeling fantastic.

You’ll also have the added value of having your problems explained to you by a medical professional and relax knowing that our standards of sterilisation using medical autoclaves are the gold standard across the world.

Just book one of our podiatry appointments and tell us your concerns when you attend.


Complex foot problems

Our team has worked with the most challenging and extreme foot problems imaginable, and they take the medical side of their profession seriously. If you or a relative have fragile health or complex problems, you can be confident of being in safe hands with our experienced and award-winning team.

You may come to us to get your feet looking good and feeling great, but if you ever have a more serious problem, it will be a comfort that you are already seeing the people most likely to help you.

If you are in any doubt about whether we can help your foot or ankle problem get in touch with us today.

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