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About Leigham Practice

About Leigham Practice

We really consider ourselves the present custodians of Leigham Practice – we’re just running with the baton for a professionally run organisation that we inherited over 20 years ago. We’re always trying to do better and always trying to take our care and expertise further.

As some of our fantastic customers still tell us, Leigham Practice was first born as a Chiropody clinic in the 1970s.

The current owner, a podiatrist by profession, started working at the practice part-time in 1998, while continuing his work in Research & Development, and then Service Development within the NHS. When he took over the running of the practice in 2000, there was only the podiatry service and a few sessions of physiotherapy.

As we built up a stronger physiotherapy service, we found some patients didn’t need such a high level of care – they just needed a massage, so a massage therapist joined. Our range of expert services for massage now includes sports massage and the use of medical equipment to heal and repair, which we feel may be unique.

We saw some patients who didn’t need physiotherapy, or a massage, but they ideally needed osteopathy, so an osteopath joined us. We now support our team with advanced technology to help our patients recover and return to full fitness quicker, without compromising the quality or cost of their recovery.

We also saw people who had injuries and muscle/joint problems associated with their health, or disease, and who should really see an acupuncturist, so an acupuncturist joined. Since then, acupuncture expanded in its own right to provide the comprehensive service it is today.

We’ve been developing and elevating our services, providing the best of care to our local community, of which we are a part. Long before organisations jumped on the idea of being ‘patient-centred’, we built our practice around our patients, and you should feel this when you join us.


When we say ‘We aim to cure, not just to treat’, we mean every word, and hope to be of service to you in the future.


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