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Our Massage Team

Leigham Practice has a long established reputation for delivering the finest massages for health, sports and relaxation in Streatham and the surrounding communities. We believe that the quality of care is only as good as the massage therapist, so we work with exceptional people to provide exceptional care.

Your First Visit

We are a professional group of therapists with an area-wide reputation and sincerely hope to exceed your expectations and we have compiled a list of the things we feel are important for you to consider when attending for the first time.

Sports Massage

Your first appointment with our team includes an assessment, at no additional cost, to discuss your needs and your goals for massage. It’s also an opportunity to discuss any concerns regarding training, recurring problems, recovery acceleration, conditioning or performance, to make sure we can deliver targeted, effective therapy.

Medical Massage

Delivered by therapists with advanced training from the fields of osteopathy, physiotherapy and sports massage, where safe, painless, evidence-based medical equipment, such as ultrasound and low level laser therapy, are used to speed up healing and repair.

Deep Tissue

You can expect our standards to be high from our massage team, who offer their skills for an invigorating, relaxing or well-being focused massage experience. Treatment takes place in a calm and peaceful setting familiar to customers who have been for an experience at a Spa setting. Fresh towels are used and the massage couch is warmed before and during treatment, to provide a deeply relaxing and comfortable experience.


Our Streatham High Road practice near Streatham Hill has a long history working caring and treating women during pregnancy, whether that be with physiotherapy, osteopathy, acupuncture or podiatry, and we offer specialist massages that are a wonderful thing. Pregnancy massage can promote the release of endorphins by the brain; the body’s natural ‘pleasure’ chemicals that calm and relax both mother and baby.

Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphoedema (British term) or Lymphedema (American/International term) refers to the large swelling and fluid retention that can affect one or more limbs, which often occur because of surgery to the Lymph Nodes during cancer treatment.

At Leigham Practice we combine the skills therapists trained in Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) with Low Level Laser Therapy (also known as LLLT, Photobiomodulation, PBM or Cold Laser), a treatment without pain or side effects, to maximise the benefit of Lymphoedema Treatment.

Free Online Consultation

Ask us a question about a problem or send us a picture and we’ll see if we can give you an answer for free.

Book Online

Many of our services can be booked immediately online. If you don’t see your treatment, please contact us.

Request a Call Back

If you’d like us to try and call you back at a convenient time, please use this form and we’ll do our very best.

What people say about us

“I have been having massages at the Leigham Practice for over 10 years and the quality of their therapists are second to none. I have been seeing Anna for massages this year and she is absolutely brilliant – and so lovely too – 100% recommended. All the staff are very friendly and always do their best to help you. A real gem in Streatham!”


“Outstanding Clinic This is an outstanding clinic. Quick & efficient staff and amazing massage therapists. I received some acupuncture there for insomnia as well as the massage and am sleeping better already!”


“I had my appointment with Guilia. This was my first appointment with her for my 30 minute massage. She introduced herself, asked about my ongoing problem and explained clearly the procedure for the massage. I found that she did a thorough job and at the end of the session gave me some tips as to how to improve the pain in the left leg which was the main reason for my appointment. I was most impressed with her manner and professionalism and have booked a further appointment. Based on my experience I would like to award her 5 out of 5.”


Why come for a massage at Leigham Practice?

We could say that we’ve been caring for our local community and all over the South East and care passionately about providing the best massage and the longest possible relief. We could say because we use advanced, evidence-based treatments to heal and repair, and so can tackle the underlying causes of pain and problems. We could also say it’s because we’re continually building on our area-wide reputation that we’ve been developing for over thirty years by working with exceptional therapists and treating our customers as unique individuals who adapt to their needs. What we will say is that we, like you, are unique, and as a practice that is trusted to deliver high-quality care, we take that trust seriously and when you attend Leigham Practice, relax knowing you are in safe hands.

What type of massage should I have?

Unless you have circumstances where specific massage skills are needed, such as through sports, performance or pregnancy, or you have lymphoedema, or unless you have a pain or problem resistant to other massages where a medical massage using our low level laser equipment might be important, you’ll find our normal massage appointment covers most circumstances. Whether you prefer a lighter massage or a deeper one, or a massage focusing on certain areas or a more generalised massage, our therapists can tailor a perfect massage for how you feel on the day.

What should I wear or bring to a massage appointment?

Our massage page above has an entire section on attending for the first time. There’s usually no need to bring anything specific. Try to arrive ahead of time so you are not stressed and worried about attending late. If you have any questions about what to wear, just call our team and we can discuss any concerns regarding how you should dress or how you would like to receive your massage. It’s not a problem for us to discuss any aspect of your care or preferences.