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The Chiropody Podiatry Team

Our Experienced and Award-Winning Chiropody Podiatry Team

  • Experienced and award-winning therapists
  • Fully Registered HCPC Professionals
  • Exceptional quality foot care 7 days a week

When you join Leigham Practice in Streatham, you place your care in the hands of chiropodists / podiatrists at one of the most experienced clinics in the country. We introduce to you our team of foot specialists:


Gavin Fane, Podiatrist

In his NHS career, Gavin achieved promotions to senior and chief podiatry positions with the Foot Surgery Team, Research & Development, Service Development and Clinical Supervision.

Besides excellent general podiatry skills, Gavin has special interests in permanent ingrown nail correction, advanced verruca treatments, diabetes foot care, high-risk foot problems and wound/ulcer management.

Awarded the Medical Sciences Prize from the London Foot Hospital, Gavin has maintained an interest in advanced medical technology and has been developing Low Level Laser Therapy / Photobiomodulation treatments and techniques for 20 years, and trains other healthcare professionals to use technology to get better outcomes for their patients.


Daud Abdirahman, Podiatrist & Biomechanics

In his NHS career, Daud was one of the most Senior Podiatrists at Guy’s & St Thomas’s NHS Trust, covering three London boroughs. In addition to his high level of podiatry skills, Daud is an Advanced Therapist, performing nail surgery, managing wounds, using diagnostics ultrasound and delivering steroid injection therapy.

Daud’s special interest in biomechanics and gait analysis (understanding why we experience pain or injury when we walk or run) is personal, as he competed at the very highest level for sport, trialling for the England football squad before injury forced a different direction. He uses his skills, knowledge and lifetime of experience with pain, injuries, training, conditioning and psychology to help anyone who has issues to get the best possible outcomes rapidly and effectively.


Hazra Mallu, Podiatrist

Hazra’s NHS role as a senior podiatrist in Guy’s & St Thomas’s NHS Trust involves the diagnosis, treatment and management of a wide range of problems, from simple foot problems, through to complex foot problems in patients with wounds, vascular disease, rheumatological problems and diabetes.

From diagnosing skin conditions, the treatment of nail disease, verruca management, painful foot problems and wound and trauma, she helps a full spectrum of foot problems, from children to adults and foot problems affecting elderly people.


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