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Effective verruca treatment in Streatham, South London

  • One of the most experienced clinics in the country
  • Wide range of effective treatments
  • Troublesome verrucae are particularly welcome


Our experience matters

If you think you might have a verruca, but aren’t sure, or you know you have a verruca but haven’t tried many treatments, or even if you’ve had them a quarter of a century, tried everything, and think there is no hope, the chances are you’ve found the right place.

At Leigham Practice, we’ve podiatrists with experience, gained by establishing and managing NHS verruca services and pioneering treatments that are now well established across the country. We’d say it’s difficult to find a practice with more expertise when you have a troublesome verruca.


Verruca treatment, simply explained

Just book in to see one of our podiatrists for a standard New Patient appointment. The podiatrists will take into account a number of factors and talk you through the options available.

You may decide to proceed with a particular option, or you may want to think about those options – it’s entirely up to you, with no pressure.

We’ve been a trusted part of our community for many decades and all we do is present you with what we think is likely to give the best possible outcome.

It’s that simple.


What do podiatrists consider when treating a verruca?

Our team take into account factors such as the type of verruca, the strain, how big, how painful, how many, how long they have been present, their location on the foot, whether/what different treatments have already been tried, any history of previous verrucae and treatments, your health, your pain tolerance, your personal circumstances, and your own views on treatment and the options available.


How do we treat?

We’ve a range of the most effective and evidence-based treatments available, including:

Chemical treatments: often our frontline treatment for new, simple or uncomplicated verrucae.

Swift Verruca Treatment: pioneered at Leigham Practice, we were one of the first wave of clinics in the country to offer this genuinely revolutionary treatment.

Falknor’s Verruca Needling: an effective soft tissue procedure designed to stimulate the immune system.

Cryotherapy (freezing): causes tiny crystals of ice to form inside cells that breaks open the cell’s membrane, exposing the virus to the immune system.

Low Level Laser Therapy: primarily used to treat during pregnancy, or young children, as it is one of the very few treatments without significant risk or side effects.


From what age do you treat verrucae?

This depends on the child, but Low Level Laser Therapy could be used on children of all ages, our chemical treatments from around 5-6, or aged 9-10+ for Swift verruca treatment and freezing.


How much does verruca treatment cost?

Fees for verruca treatment at Leigham Practice can be found here.


Private Insurance Policy Holders click here


Complicated things don’t have to be complicated – call us today

Many verruca treatments have contraindications, so not all treatments will be available to all people, so suitable options will be discussed at your initial assessment.

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