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Verruca treatment and Swift verruca treatment in Streatham, south London

  • One of the most experienced clinics in the country
  • Effective and pioneering treatments available
  • Troublesome verrucae are particularly welcome


Initial Assessment

As with all treatments, an initial assessment is important so your podiatrist can be sure the diagnosis is correct and talk about the options available for you.  Leigham Practice services are led by a former NHS Verruca Services manager and our clinic is one of the most experienced in the country.

The type of treatment will depend on the type of verruca that you have, where it/they are located, how many you have, long it it/they have been present, what other treatments have been tried already, and your own personal views and preferences.


How do we treat?

Firstly, we do not freeze. Freezing involves prolonged periods of pain, both during and after treatment, and can have significant complications. Most importantly, we have found through decades of experience that freezing methods are less effective than other treatments.

For recently formed verrucae, we may discuss the use of topical, chemical-based treatments, which can be highly effective and self-limiting, meaning if treatment is too sore you have the power to make it stop. We can treat of 90% of patients successfully within four treatments, and aim to spot the small number of patients who are not responding early.

For stubborn or well-established verrucae, we may recommend Swift verruca treatment , which is the most effective evidence-based treatment for treating resisistant or persistent verrucae. We treat in excess of 90% of verrucae successfully within three treatments.


From what age do you treat?

This depends on the child, but we would suggest from age 5-6 years old for our chemical treatments, or from age 9-10 for Swift Verruca Treatment.


Treatment during pregnancy or while breast-feeding

We generally consider it best to wait until after pregnancy and breast-feeding to start verruca treatment with any form of treatment, however verrucae may be extremely painful. Our team can either provide relief during pregnancy by reducing the size of the verrucae, or treatment with Swift could be offered.


How much does treatment cost?

Fees for verruca treatment at Leigham Practice can be found here.


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