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Home visiting service for Physiotherapy

  • Our physiotherapy services at your home
  • Available throughout the week
  • Our normal fee + callout

Getting help for a health problem is a two-step process. Firstly, you become aware that you have a problem that requires attention. Secondly, you then have to find the time to come to the clinic.

Often, these two events do not conveniently coincide and, caught at home with worsening problems, things can quickly snowball.

Childcare arrangements, poor health, post-surgery recovery, a busy lifestyle and many more reasons can prevent attendance at our practice, so we have can bring our services to you. We call it ‘Leigham at Home’.

The physiotherapy team travel light, as much of their work involves stretching, strengthening, manipulations and releasing, but they can still have access to our technology for pain relief and rapid recovery, such as ultrasound therapy and low level laser therapy. Our physios can coordinate care and rehabilitation following surgery or injury and assist your rapid recovery back to maximum health.

Our services are available throughout the week and the availability of appointments is subject to the therapists’ timetables, which can vary.

The cost for this service is simply our normal clinical appointment fee plus a callout fee based upon the distance away that we have to travel, so contact us today with any enquiries.



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