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Physiotherapy Low Level Laser Therapy in Streatham, London

  • Leaders in therapeutic laser technology
  • Treatment without pain or side effects
  • Rapid and long lasting results

At Leigham Practice we seek out new and effective technology to accelerate healing, relieve pain and provide long-term solutions to injuries and illness.

Our clinic is one the longest established therapeutic laser centres in London. You could call us pioneering.

Therapeutic laser technology uses tiny amounts of infra-red light to boost biochemical pathways to restore health, effectively turbo-charging the processes of healing and repair. The technology has been with us for 30 years and is so safe to use, even during pregnancy, that it is one of our front line treatments.

We specialise in the treatment of problems that others have found difficult to resolve, so contact us today with any questions about a problem and we will tell you if we feel we can help.

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