Before you arrive

  • Please check your appointment confirmation to check the correct date and time.
  • Please allow extra time to travel to us. Arriving early is never a problem.
  • Please come without friends or family if possible, though of course a child may accompany you, or you may accompany a child, or you may need to bring someone for special help.
  • We will ask you to pay when you arrive so you can leave immediately after your appointment.

Registration Form

We included a link to our Practice Registration Form in your appointment confirmation email for you to print and complete, though you may prefer to complete this when you attend.

Bring with you any scans or reports, and a list of medication you currently take

Our MSK specialists can discuss your problems and ask you about your past medical history. If you have complex problems, please bring any letters or reports. A list of medication you are taking will also be helpful.

Dress Code / What to Wear

It’s helpful to dress depending on where your problem is. You may be comfortable with undressing, but we understand some people are not, so we can provide a disposable gown to wear or treat with clothes on. You could also bring shorts or a vest top to change into if you would prefer, and you are very welcome to talk to our reception team before you attend.

Your assessment

After taking a history and discussing your problems, our team may ask you to perform certain movements and use diagnostic tests to assess your problem. They will explain what they are doing and why.

Your treatment

Following your assessment, our team can discuss what they think is causing the problem and explain what they can do to help. Your first consultation will also include treatment, if appropriate, and advice on how you can help the problem yourself. The treatment they give will depend upon many factors, but they will talk to you about what they are doing and keep you informed.

If you need a referral to another medical professional, such as your GP for further tests, they will discuss these with you and your permission to communicate sought.

Further treatment

Depending on your problem, our team are likely to have a good idea of whether you will just need a single treatment, or whether further treatment might be indicated. Our aim is to treat you safely and effectively as quickly as possible, and you will be the best judge of your own progress as you notice your problems resolving.

Where is Leigham Practice?

We are in a parade of business on the main Streatham High Road itself, directly opposite the junction with Mount Ephraim Road. We are a few minutes walk from Streatham Hill Station, have excellent bus connections, and you will find car parking in adjacent roads, which are unmetered for most hours, except 12-2pm, when they become pay and display.

Do I need a doctors referral?

Many doctors recommend their patients to come to us privately, as we have been a trusted part of our community for many years, but, as a private clinic, we do not need any referral for you to attend.

Do you accept private health insurance?

We are a BUPA Approved Physiotherapy Practice and accept most private health insurers, though we always advise patients to contact us before booking to discuss your specific insurer, and advise you how to most effectively proceed.