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Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Manual Lymphatic Drainage – Low Level Laser Therapy – Lymphoedema

  • Specific type of massage for Lymphoedema
  • Combined massage with Low Level Laser Therapy / Photobiomodulation
  • Evidence-based treatment without pain or side effects

Lymphoedema (British term) or Lymphedema (American/International term) refers to the large swelling and fluid retention that can affect one or more limbs, which often occur because of surgery to the Lymph Nodes during cancer treatment.

At Leigham Practice we combine the skills therapists trained in Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) with Low Level Laser Therapy (also known as LLLT, Photobiomodulation, PBM or Cold Laser), a treatment without pain or side effects, to maximise the benefit of Lymphoedema Treatment.

Described my Macmillan Cancer Support as “an important part of lymphoedema treatment” Manual Lymphatic Drainage uses specific massage techniques to help drainage of lymph and fluid from the affects arm or leg. We are one of the very few massage therapy clinics using MLD combined with Low Level Laser Therapy and we have been using this at Leigham Practice for over 20 years to treat a wide range of conditions without pain, drugs or side-effects.

Low Level Laser Therapy is evidence based in peer-reviewed, highly respected medical journals from around the world, such as BMC Cancer and Pubmed. The Macmillan Cancer Support page lists laser therapy under the section Other treatments for Lymphoedema.

Our combined massage and laser treatment involves objective assessment and measurements taken of the circumference of the affected limb so that progress can be monitored. We also record patient’s goals for treatment – something we can look back on following treatment to see how successfully we achieved our customers’ hopes.

Our treatment aims for rapid early improvements and sustained, long-term results and initially given twice weekly for two weeks, then reducing to once a week and then less often as treatment progresses. Ultimately, our goal is to stop therapy as soon as long-lasting effects are being achieved.


Please contact our team to discuss booking for treatment, or with any other enquiry.


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