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Your first visit for Massage Therapy at Leigham Practice

  • Consider the clothing you wear when you attend
  • Arrive with plenty of time to spare
  • Think about your preferences and talk to us on the day

We are a professional group of therapists with an area-wide reputation and sincerely hope to exceed your expections and we have compiled a list of the things we feel are important for you to consider when attending for the first time.

It’s a good idea to think about what you wear when you attend. Wearing something that is easy to change means you enjoy more time having your massage.

If you are unfamiliar with the area, please allow plenty of time to get to us so you start your massage relaxed. We’re near Streatham Hill station with bus stops outside and opposite and unmetered parking in the adjacent, Leigham Avenue, and opposite, Mount Ephraim roads.

We’ve a Registration Form we’ll ask you to complete that also explains what you can expect from us when you join.

Massage can evoke a deep sense of relaxation, so don’t have too much to eat or drink just before you visit. You can take the opportunity to relieve and refresh yourself before your appointment.

With holistic massages, blankets may be used to cover you to keep exposed areas warm.

Some massages do not need a great deal of undressing, and some massage can be performed while wearing clothes, if preferred. We also have disposable gowns available to change into to respect your dignity or culture, if preferred. Just speak to your therapist when you are seen.

If you have any particular preferences, need ¬†attention to particular muscle groups, or even if you have no previous experience with massage, our experienced team will discuss the massage with you and deliver a unique massage that’s just right for you.

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