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Sports Massage in Streatham, London

  • Professionally qualified Sports Massage Therapists
  • A clinical and focused experience
  • Unique insight into health, training and rehab

Your first appointment with our team includes an assessment, at no additional cost, to discuss your needs and your goals for massage. It’s also an opportunity to discuss any concerns regarding training, recurring problems, recovery acceleration, conditioning or performance, to make sure we can deliver targeted, effective therapy.

Dressing down will be familiar if you have had Sports Massage before. If you feel uncomfortable with this, we would recommend you bring in your shorts or gym top to change into, or we can provide you with a full-length gown if you’d prefer. Just talk to our experienced team.

Sports Massage is delivered by our Physiotherapy and Osteopathy Team and those with advanced qualifications in Sports Massage.


Romain Mallett

Romain competed at a high level in both Volleyball and Football and has excellent knowledge of sport, training and rehab and applies his deep understanding to a variety of sports to Elite Level .

With his Masters Degree in Sports and Teaching, Romain has amassed considerable experience and delivers Sports Massage with a focus. Romain is presently furthering his skills and knowledge studying for his Master Degree in Osteopathy so can provide his patients with comprehensive care at all levels of their ability and performance.


Giulia Schinzari

Giulia is another one of our Sports Massage therapy team and joins us on Monday mornings and Thursday afternoons and evenings. She has an exceptional understanding of sports-specific massages for swimming, diving, athletics, basketball, handball and Circuit Training.

Giulia is also a Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer so besides her excellent massage skills can help a wide variety of issues encountered in training, conditioning, sports, injury recovery, and competition.



Please contact us directly if you have any queries or need to discuss specific requirements.


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