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Swift Verruca Treatment

Highly effective verruca care from our award-winning Foot Health Team

  • Unprecedented Success rates in Streatham, South London
  • We offer extraordinary expertise and advanced technology
  • Treatment available either as a Pay-per-treatment, or as a Comprehensive Package


Your Initial Consultation at Leigham Practice

Our expertise is second to none, with verruca services developed by a former NHS Verruca Service manager, and the first step, as with all medical treatments, is an assessment to make sure that you and your problem are suitable for treatment. Your diagnosis will be confirmed and we can discuss the options available for you, including Swift Treatment.

  • If for any reason Swift is not considered appropriate, or altenative options would be preferable, only the initial consultation would be payable. An overview of Swift treeatment, including contraindications and cautions can be viewed here.
  • If Swift is chosen you can opt for Swift treatment in one of two ways:


1) Pay-Per-Treatment

  • Initial Consultation £50
  • Swift Treatment (per treatment) £115
  • Swift Review Appointments £47


2) Inclusive Package*

  • Package includes Initial Consultation, up to 3 x Swift Treatments plus the Swift Review Appointment
  • Package fee £349
  • Reduced fee for further treatment

*We used to see people who would come for a single treatment, but because Swift wasn’t instantly successful, were disappointed and did not commit to further treatment yet we know that by treatment three we can achieve over 90% success. We therefore put together a package which equates to including the third treatment free compared to the cost of pay-per-treatment.


Private Insurance Policy Holders click here


Success Rates

We achieve an extraordinary 90% plus success rate by the third treatment, even on extremely stubborn verrucae.


What happens if treatment is unsuccessful?

Our success rates are extremely high, but no treatment is 100% successful. For those small numbers of verrucae that are not completely cleared by the third treatment we have two further options:

If good progress has already been made and your consultant feels that further treatment is likely to resolve your problems, further Swift treatment can be offered. Additional Swift treatment would be our normal fee of £115 for Pay-Per-Treatment customers, or at a reduced rate of £74 for customers who originally opted for the Inclusive Package option.

If progress has been slow, or further treatment is not considered likely to provide further success, our team can discuss further medical strategies and options available.


Booking an appointment

Please use the form below to contact us for an appointment with one of our experienced Leigham Practice team.


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Swift is highly effective and normal activities can usually be resumed immediately