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Swift Verruca Treatment

Highly effective verruca treatment from our award-winning team

  • We combine extraordinary expertise with the most advanced technology
  • Unprecedented Success rates of over 90%
  • Treatment available as a Pay-per-treatment or as a Swift Package


Your Initial Consultation at Leigham Practice

Our expertise is second to none, with verruca services developed by a former NHS Verruca Service manager.

As with all medical treatments, the first step is an assessment to ensure suitability for treatment, the diagnosis confirmed and the options available for treatment, including Swift Treatment, can be discussed.

  • If for any reason Swift is not considered appropriate, or alternative options would be preferable, only the initial consultation would be payable. An overview of Swift treatment, including contraindications and cautions can be viewed here.
  • Where Swift treatment is chosen we offer two options:


1) Pay-per-treatment

  • Initial Consultation £55
  • Swift Treatment (per treatment) £125
  • Swift Review Appointment £50

For convenience, it may be possible to have the first Swift Treatment at the same time as the Initial Consultation, whereby the cost of Swift Treatment would be added to the consultation fee.


2) Swift Package

  • Initial Consultation fee + up to 3 x Swift Treatments + Swift Review Appointment £395

(Pay-per-treatment equivalent £480)


  •  Opting for the Swift Package also includes any subsequent Swift treatment at £105 per treatment

(Pay-per-treatment equivalent £125)



Private Insurance Policy Holders click here


Our success rates

At Leigham Practice our verruca services are led by a former NHS Verruca Service Manager and we are proud to achieve an extraordinary success rate of over 90% by the third Swift treatment, even for the most stubborn and resistant verrucae.


What happens if treatment is unsuccessful?

It depends on how much progress you’ve made.

If your progress has been good, and it seems further treatment might be likely to resolve your problems, further Swift treatment can be offered. Additional Swift treatment would be charged at £105 for customers who originally took the Package option, or the usual fee of £125 for pay-per-treatment customers.

However, if progress is very slow and further treatment might not be considered likely to provide further success, our team can discuss further medical strategies and options available.


Booking an appointment

Please use the form below to contact us for an appointment with one of our experienced Leigham Practice team.


Swift is highly effective and normal activities can usually be resumed immediately


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