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Swift Verruca Treatment

Information on Swift Verrucae Treatment for holders of Private Health Insurance

  • Contact our team in the first instance
  • The cost of Swift treatment may be covered within the Consultant’s normal fees
  • Treatment can be given either at Streatham or Central London

Mr Scott Corthine works at both Leigham Practice, near Streatham Hill in South London and at The London Welbeck Hospital in the Harley Street area of Central London. As a BUPA Approved Consultant and recognised by most major insurers, customers with private health insurance who are considering having Swift Treatment may well find these fees covered within the consultant’s normal fees, so there may be no additional cost other than your policy excess.

We strongly recommend contacting Candice, our practice manager, in the first instance using the form below as she will advise you on the best way for you to contact your insurers to request an appointment with Scott, the information you will need to give to your insurers and any other information specific to your insurers.


SWIFT Insurance enquiry for Leigham Practice

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