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Low Level Laser Therapy for skin conditions in Streatham

  • Naturally stimulates normal biological processes
  • Stimulates healing, regeneration, repair and normalisation
  • Treatment is safe, painless and evidence-based

Low Level Laser Therapy, sometimes abbreviated to LLLT and sometimes preferred by academics as Photobiomodulation or PBM, is not new. In America and Canada the term Cold Laser is the preferred term for this type of medical treatment, used the laser is low power (Class 3b) and has no thermal effect (treatment does not burn), as other types of of more powerful Class IV lasers can. Treatment is without pain or side effects and taps into normal biological processes, not just in humans, but all animals.

Since lasers were discovered in 1960, medical researchers across the world have been investigating the positive effects of lasers, where different colours of laser light have been used to stimulate healing, repair and regeneration and we encourage you to take the time to search the internet for quality, peer-reviewed medical studies from around the world. Leigham Practice is one on London’s longest-established and reputable (some would say pioneering) providers of Low Level Laser Therapy, which we use extensively to restore our patients to good health, mobility and self-confidence across our therapies.

Our cosmetic therapies are delivered by Elena Spinelli, who, with nearly 10 year’s experience with advanced electrotherapy equipment, delivers this safe, painless treatment for a wide range of problems that are often unresponsive to other therapies, such as scarring, psoriasis, eczema, cellulite and lymphoedema. Improvements are expected to be visible within 2-3 treatments and the benefits are usually long-lasting.


Please contact us today if you would like to talk about any specific problems you may have, or to book in with Elena for an assessment or treatment.