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Low Level Laser Therapy LLLT Photobiomodulation PBM Therapy for skin conditions in Streatham, London

  • Naturally stimulates normal biological processes
  • Stimulates healing, regeneration, repair and normalisation
  • Treatment is safe, painless and evidence-based

Low Level Laser Therapy LLLT is migrating in name to Photobiomodulation or PBM Therapy, and is not new. In other parts of the world the term Cold Laser is the preferred term for this type of medical treatment, as people often imaging that the use of lasers will burn or may cause side effects, but not so. Low Level Lasers have no thermal effect (treatment does not burn), as they are Class 3b lasers. It is the Class 4 lasers that are powerful and can burn. Low level lasers also treat without pain, or side effects, and taps into existing biological processes.

Since lasers were discovered in 1960, medical researchers across the world have been investigating the positive effects of low energy lasers, where different colours of laser light have been used to stimulate healing, repair and regeneration. We encourage you to take the time to search the internet for quality, peer-reviewed medical studies from around the world, of which there are over 500 well conducted Randomised Placebo Controlled Double BLind and Crossover Studies (RCT’s) supporting their effects. Leigham Practice is one of London’s longest-established, reputable and pioneering providers of Low Level Laser Therapy, which we use extensively to restore our patients to good health, mobility and self-confidence across our therapies.

More recently the term Photobiomodulation PBM Therapy has been adopted and describes light (Photo) influencing living cells and systems (bio) to regulate, accelerate or inhibit (modulation). We use this to treat skins conditions, sprains, strins, fractures, burns, nerve damage, nerve pain, repetitive stress conditions, recover from surgery or sports injuries and many other acute, chronic and conditions resistant to other forms of therapy.


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