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Head, neck and whiplash physiotherapy treatment

  • Talk to our team of experts about your problem
  • Get an accurate diagnosis and find out about the way forward
  • We provide effective, long lasting solutions

Physiotherapists are known to be experts in this area and deal with a wide variety of head and neck problems and pain, including whiplash and arthritic problems. At the Leigham our team comprise senior physiotherapists treating acute and chronic illnesses and injuries and a combined physiotherapist/osteopath if treatment has been resistant to treatment. Bring any scans or x-rays of documents for your condition when you attend and we will advise what we can do to help you further.

We also invest in the latest therapeutic technology, such as ultrasound and low level laser therapy equipment, to ensure relief from suffering in both the short and long-term. We aim to reduce dependence on both medication and on healthcare professionals by always seeking to cure wherever possible.

If you have complex problems simply contact us, by any means, in complete confidence and we will ask our team if they feel they can help.


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