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A recent King’s Fund report revealed nearly half of UK adults live with some form of chronic pain. We don’t think this should be inevitable or acceptable, and neither should you.

Pain is just a symptom of an underlying problem, yet all too often only the pain itself is treated. But if the underlying problem is not addressed this simply sets up a dependency on pain suppressing or modifying drugs. However, if you can tackle the cause of pain and will find a solution.

At Leigham Practice we consider ourselves creative, innovative and pioneering when it comes to health. We have a range of specialist therapists whose vocation in life is to get you fit, fast and thoroughly. Their skills and expertise is backed up by a range of advanced therapeutic and diagnostic equipment.  We have a sense of humour, and a confident and positive outlook in our approach, but we take your health ultra-seriously and are never complacent.

Our team are the stars of our practice and they are at your disposal.


Foot Care Team

Operating seven days a week with four late evenings our four podiatrists, Gavin Fane, Carolyn Simpson, Hazel Etoria-King and Tom Gibson treat the majority of common foot problems, from medical pedicures, advanced verruca treatments, permanent ingrown nail correction, hard skin removal and foot pain through to complex foot and ankle problems and wound management associated with diabetes, vascular disease and illness. Further specialist services are provided by Scott Corthine, our biomechanical specialist, who treats problems in walkers, runners, dancers and athletes up to professional or elite level. As a BUPA Approved Consultant and Podiatric Foot Surgeon of 20 years’ experience, Scott can also offer comprehensive advice on both the non-surgical and surgical options available for a remarkable range of complex foot problems.


Advanced Physiotherapy

With musculoskeletal services running seven days a week, our team of four physiotherapists have worked with professional basketball, football, rugby and mixed martial arts clubs. Lorenzo Cordara, Mark Pitcher and Giacomo Zangoni provide adult physiotherapy services for back problems, accidents, injuries and post-surgery rehabilitation.


100% Masters Level Osteopathy

We are the only clinic in South London offering 100% Masters Level Osteopathy. Andy Hoskins is also nearing completion of his Pilates Rehab Instruction course, can use acupuncture to promote rapid healing. Giacomo Zangoni comprises the other half of our dynamic duo and is also a physiotherapist. Both Giacomo and Andy are two of the few osteopaths in the country capable of using advanced laser therapy equipment to accelerate healing without drugs or significant side-effects.


Advanced Acupuncture

With over 10 years’ experience treating women’s health matters, chronic pain, skin conditions, and helping support couples through IVF, Susana Pires not only offers Traditional Chinese Acupuncture, she is also a Naturopath trained to degree level and can call upon safe cutting-edge technologies to maximise her treatments to restore health and balance.


Therapeutic & Sports Massage

As you’d expect from working in a solution-focused practice, Michelle and Donna provide massages designed to assist healing, reduce tension, improve mobility and ultimately restore a sense of wellness. Our massages are based upon your preferences, concerns and needs and their massages have an exceptional reputation.


Low Level Laser Therapy

We are one of London’s longest-established, experienced and pioneers in therapeutic lasers that offer help for people with a wide range of chronic and painful conditions without pain, drugs or significant side-effects. Treatments is not expensive and most our medical therapists can utilise this safe and painless technology to restore health as quickly as possible.


For 30 years we’ve been getting better and better, and how many of us can claim that?  We’ve building our reputation one important customer at a time. If you have pain, don’t expect to suffer. Health care is all about bumping in to the right person. Contact us today and we’ll tell you if we can help. Welcome to Leigham Practice.