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Low Level Laser Therapy LLLT for Osteopathy problems in Streatham, London

  • Accelerated healing and recovery
  • Reboots a stalled healing process
  • Treatment without pain or side effects

We’re a pioneering and leading clinic in the use of therapeutic lasers, which are painless to apply and help a remarkable range of problems and conditions without any significant side-effects, so much so that it may be used to treat problems during pregnancy.

Small amounts of infra red light are targeted on affected areas and boost normal biochemical pathways to bring about rapid relief and recovery through the production of ATP. Low level laser therapy works by accelerating the processes of repair and so does not work like painkilling drugs, that simply block the signal of pain to the brain and does very little to address the cause of the pain. Laser therapy works by healing, which means that you feel better because your problem gets better, so works in a fundamental way.

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