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  • Experienced professional combined with advanced technology
  • Comprehensive Assessment of motion related problems
  • Wide range of options available

Scott Corthine is our specialist in performance feet, treating problems with walking, running and dancing. He has treated many of London’s West End productions and performers and, as a Harley Street BUPA Approved Consultant, he helps athletes to Elite Level. Yet assessments are not expensive.

Scott performs biomechanical assessments, applying the principles of structural engineering, to look at the way the body supports and transfers weight when we walk and move. By understanding why problems occur he can seek long term solutions, reducing pain and improving performance.

We’re greatly enhancing our diagnostic capabilities by investing in the RS Scan system. Combining our specialist, Scott, with over 20 years experience with complex motion related problems, together with the very latest force plate technology¬†and gait analysis software is, we feel, a fairly unbeatable combination. And at only ¬£80 during October our assessments are a snip.