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Sports Massage in Streatham, London

  • Professionally qualified Sports Massage Therapists
  • A clinical and focused experience
  • Unique insight into health, training and rehab

Sports Massage can only be offered by those with professional qualifications in Sports Massage Therapy and we provide massage for sports, training, event preparation and post-event recovery throughout the week. Our Sports Massage services are delivered by Ildiko, Sergi, Stefano, Lupe, Vincenzo and Clare, each of whom has further qualifications and experience, who all have different experiences and all provide consistently high levels of care.

For those not familiar with Sports Massage it is important to point out that this takes place in a bright, clinical setting. Dressing down, sometimes to underwear, will be familiar if you have had this before, though you can bring in your shorts or gym top to wear or a disposable gown can be provided. Whilst familiar to athletes, this differs from the more holistic Remedial Massage which can be used for more general aches, or our Spa Massage, for relaxation and invigoration.

Your first appointment for Sports Massage includes a brief assessment, partly to make sure that it is safe to receive sports massage and partly to understand your history, requirements and goals.


Please contact us directly if you have any queries or need to discuss specific requirements.