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Spa Massage in Streatham, London

  • Highly Regarded Massage Therapist
  • Freedom to choose your perfect massage
  • Massages tailored to your personal preferences

Our Spa Massage Therapy is delivered by Elena Spinelli, who worked for over 6 years as one of the most senior masseurs at the 5 Star Agua Spa at the Sanderson Hotel in Central London. Elena provides holistic massages designed for invigoration, or for relaxation and is different from the Remedial Massage we offer for painful problems, or Sports Massage for sports and training. Elena is well regarded in the massage therapy community as she has been hand-picked by leading companies and is able to deliver a wide range of techniques to deliver the perfect massage. Each treatment is tailored to your preferences or needs on the day and Elena can focus on particular areas, such as arms and shoulders, or focus on areas of tension, such as the back and neck, or provide a full body massage to cover everything.

If you are new to our massage services please read our advice regarding your first visit, otherwise simply book in with one of our team and prepare for a fantastic experience.