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  • Experienced Pregnancy Massage Therapists
  • Weekdays and Sunday appointments
  • We’ll make you feel extra special

Pregnancy massage is provided for the Leigham Practice by the exceptionally skilled and multi-talented team of Michelle Mottram and Donna Harris weekdays and on Sundays. We offer a 100% natural remedy to help many of the changes that occur during pregnancy, both directly and indirectly. Their massages can encourage lymphatic flow, so helping with puffiness and excess water retention, and help get the blood flowing, keeping the circulation stimulated and healthy.

We are able to offer massages that can focus on any particular needs, or we can focus on a relaxing general massage if you just need to zone out. We could concentrate on problem areas, such as your back, feet or legs. The choice is yours. All you need do is simply tell us what you would like and how you feel on the day.

Massage can also help the body to recover after birth and allow protected time for mums to be calm and relaxed with deep and long term benefits, and don’t forget we offer baby bonding massages for new arrivals.