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Our Massage Team

Leigham Practice has a long established reputation for delivering the finest massages for health, sports and relaxation.  We believe that the quality of care is only as good as the therapist, so we work with exceptional people to provide exceptional care.


Elena Spinelli

Elena has the highest credentials in Massage, having worked for over 6 years as one of the senior massage therapists at the five star Agua Spa at The Sanderson Hotel in Central London. Elena has been instrumental in training new members of the team and her range of massage skills is both broad and deep, and can be delivered with or without Aromatherapy. All her massages are tailored according to the needs of her clients. Elena is particularly known for her facials and was hand-picked and flown to New York to help launch Eve Lom facials and is with us on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays.


Romain Mallett

Romain personally competed at high level in both Volleyball and Football and has excellent knowledge of sport, training and rehab and applies his deep understanding to a variety of sports to Elite Level .

With his Masters Degree in Sports and Teaching, Romain has amassed considerable experience and delivers Sports Massage with a focus. Romain is presently furthering his skills and knowledge studying for his Master Degree in Osteopathy so can provide his patients with comprehensive care at all levels of their ability and performance.


Sergi, Stefano, Lupe and Clare

Our Physiotherapy and Osteopathy team provide Sports Massages for a wide range of training and disciplines and being experts in MSK and rehab they can provide unique insights, help, advice and treatment from beginners to Elite level.