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Facial Massages in Streatham, London

  • Three very different types of facial
  • Myofascial Facial for deep relaxation
  • Fabulous Spa Facial for hydration and anti-ageing
  • Wonderful Spa Facial for deep cleansing


Myofascial Facial

As far as we know our myofascial facial massage is unique and is a very different experience (in a good way) from the Spa Facial Massage experience that customers usually have some understanding or experience of. Our myofascial facial is delivered by Ildiko, our expert remedial massage therapist, who uses her understanding of muscles and connective tissues of the head and neck to provide a wide range of massage techniques for health.

It is well documented that the face is connected to our inner feelings. Stress, anxiety and pain internally can show externally in the face, yet massaging the muscles and connective tissue of the head and face and ironing out those tensions can help provide soothing for inner stresses. but don’t just take the word of academics and scientists. Myofascial facials are suitable for all the family and if you would like further information or to make a booking simply contact us today.


Spa Facial for Hydration and Anti-Aging

Elena Spinelli brings her many years experience working and training other therapists at Central London’s ‘Agua’ Spa at the 5 star Sanderson Hotel, and brings ‘the therapists’ choice‘ of facial treatments to Leigham Practice. Monu are a UK-based company producing facial products that are entirely natural, cruelty free, vegan and tailored according to the clients need, skin type and concern. Monu facial products consist of a cleansing, hydrating, refreshing and purifying treatment.


Spa Facial for Deep Cleansing

Elena’s deep cleansing facial uses the same natural Monu products to cleanse, extraction to purify the pores and remove congestion and exfoliation to remove dead skin cells and target fine lines.

A relaxing and lymphatic drainage massage of the face and shoulders is then given and a mask to purify the skin applied. Treatment may also include a scalp or hand massage.


All treatments are sourced and created in the UK from local farms and are suitable for sensitive skin. Products are soothing and gentle without irritating chemicals, such as parabens.