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  • Baby bonding with our experienced team
  • Learn techniques to take home
  • Partners can be included (optional!)

Michelle Mottram is our highly experienced massage therapists with a special interest in pregnancy and baby massage. She must surely have taught half the mums in the area by now and continues to help first-time mums to understand simple baby massage techniques that can be taken home. Once you’re driving like a pro you can move up to the advanced level if you like, as Michelle practices a wide variety of baby massage techniques for a wide range of different baby situations.

Baby massage is useful for Dads who can feel a bit left out the early stages of parenthood, and this can help them become familiar with baby and get to know each other.

Even mums who instantly bond with baby and experienced mums can learn new techniques that can help stretching and assist movement and mobility, and it’s great to get out and talk about your experiences.

You’ll find loads of information about the benefits of baby massage, but at our practice we just say that human touch is a powerful thing.