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  • Plan to arrive with plenty of time
  • Bring a list of problems and medication
  • Your feet will not be the worst we have seen

No matter what your foot problems, we are dedicated to providing you with the best foot care available without any or embarrassment.

We’ve listed a few points in a little more detail below that you might consider before attending for the first time.


Plan to arrive early

Something always seems to crop up at the last minute causing delays, particularly for your first appointment, so please arrive with plenty of time. If we have your email address we will send confirmation of your appointment with a link to a Registration Form. You can complete this in advance and bring along, or fill one in on the day. Arriving early means you can refresh with a glass of water, relax and watch the world go by for a few minutes. Arriving early is never a problem.


Bring details of your health and all medication

Foot problems can be affected by general health problems or medication you might be taking, so bring details of these when you attend.


Foot Cleanliness

It’s nice if your feet are clean, but we know they can be difficult to care for. Please don’t worry if they look or feel a little neglected. We use skin disinfectant on all our patients prior to treatment and afterwards you’ll feel so much better.


Nail Varnish

Many general health problems in the body can show in your toenails, so we’d like to see the natural condition of the nails without polish. We’re happy to remove nail varnish at your appointment, but it takes time away from your treatment, so removing nail polish before you attend helps you get the most from your time.


Painful and Complex Feet

We treat a full spectrum of foot problems, up to and including foot surgery consultations. We have a wealth of knowledge and an armoury of techniques and treatments to help resolve your pain as quickly and easily as possible, even to the point of administering local analgesia if necessary. We promise to make your experience as comfortable and pain-free as possible, provide you with the very best care and discuss options for the longest possible relief.


Neglected Feet?

We care for people unable to care for themselves and know how small problems can quickly develop into major problems. You will be amazed how quickly our podiatrists can bring back a smile to your feet in a thoroughly professional manner. We find treating problem feet rewarding, so don’t be shy, bring them in and we’ll promise to restore them to their former glory.