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  • One of the most experienced clinics in the country
  • Effective and pioneering treatments
  • Troublesome verrucae are our specialty

Few practices in the UK can claim to work with such experienced professionals in this field.  Our techniques and treatments are developed from a former NHS Verruca Service manager, so if you are affected by this problem you could not be in safer hands.


How do we treat them?

We can safely say that WE DO NOT FREEZE verrucae. Freezing usually involves prolonged periods of intense pain and can cause problems such as haematoma (blood blister) or ulceration, and possibly lead to further problems such as infection.


Recently appeared verruca and not stubborn?

If the verruca is not too painful, and if it is easy for you to attend clinic, and if the verruca is not long-standing, and the verruca shown resistance to other treatments we have some highly effective treatments which are ‘self-limiting’, meaning that you are in control of any discomfort.


Long-standing verruca or resistant to treatments?

If the verruca is persistent, resistant, or you are pregnant/breast-feeding then you may feel it is worth heading straight for the most advanced evidence-based treatment for verruca currently available, Swift. This method is available from three of our podiatry team, so please read the information on this treatment here and mention you may be interested in the ‘Swift Verruca Treatment’ when booking.


Initial Assessment

All clients, irrespective of the nature of their verrucae, are initially booked in for assessment where you will have the opportunity to discuss the options available. If Swift treatment is not considered most appropriate, only our normal clinical fee would be charged. If Swift Verruca Treatment may be the best option you may either pay our normal clinical fee for your appointment and make a further booking for Swift treatment, or you may choose to have Swift given at the time of your assessment (assuming time permits) and you can the consider if you would like to pay-per-treament or take out our comprehensive package fee.


For clients wishing to use private insurance we have a BUPA Approved Consultant, recognised by most major insurers, working with us, but you should always contact us prior to booking an appointment as authorisation must be obtained in advance.


From what age do you treat?

This depends on the child, but we would suggest from about 5-6 years old for our non-specialist treatments, or from 9-10 for Swift treatment as this feels like a very brief bee sting. There is obviously a great deal of variation between different children and we can discuss the various options with the children and their parents or guardians.


Long-standing or resistant verrucae

Verrucae are known to be one of the most frequently frustrating and unpredictable of foot problems. Leigham Practice has an excellent track record with verrucae that have previously been considered to be resistant to treatment and it is rare that we are unable to successfully bring about a complete resolution. If you have any queries or questions simply contact us and put us to the test.


Your verruca-free days are rapidly approaching. Contact us today.