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We offer one of the most experienced, advanced, pioneering and effective verruca services in the country

  • One of the most experienced clinics in the country
  • Effective and pioneering treatments available
  • Troublesome verrucae are a specialty

Effective Verruca Treatment in Streatham, South London and in Central London


Initial Assessment

As with all treatments, it’s important to be assessed so your podiatrist can be sure the diagnosis is correct and talk about the options available, which are dependent on the type of verruca, how long it has been present, whether other treatments have been tried and your own personal views.


How do we treat them?

Our services are led by a former NHS Verruca Services manager and Research & Development Lead Podiatrist and so are constantly undergoing refinement and improvement, striving to seek 100% success.

For verrucae that have been present less than 6 months and have not shown signs of being resistant we may discuss using topical, chemical-based treatments, which are highly effective.

For verrucae that have been present more than 6 months or have shown signs of being resistant to other treatments we can also offer the advanced Swift verruca treatment which is evidence-based and highly effective treating stubborn verrucae.

We do not freeze verrucae, as treatment involves prolonged periods of pain during and after treatment, can have significant side effects and, ultimately, we have found to be less effective than our other treatments.


How much does treatment cost?

  • Your assessment at Leigham Practice are £50, which would also include topical treatment.
  • Swift Treatment at Leigham Practice is charged separately and can be found here.


  • An assessment at London Welbeck Hospital is £80.
  • Fees for Swift Treatment at London Welbeck Hospital are charged separately and can be found here.


Private Insurance Policy Holders click here


From what age do you treat?

This depends on the child, but we would suggest from about 5-6 years old for our chemical treatments, or from 9-10 for Swift Verruca Treatment.


Treatment during pregnancy or while breast-feeding

Chemical treatments placed on the skin could be absorbed into the body in small amounts, so are not recommended during pregnancy. Freezing treatments run the risk of causing burns and other problems that may subsequently require medication, such as antibiotics.  It is generally considered best to wait until after pregnancy and breast-feeding to start verruca treatment with either of these treatments, however verrucae may be very painful and be present for years. Our team can either provide relief during pregnancy by reducing the size of the verrucae, or we could treat with Swift, which is considered as safe as electrolysis during pregnancy.


Private Health Insurance

For clients wishing to use private insurance Scott Corthine is a BUPA Approved Consultant, recognised by most major insurers. Please contact us prior to booking an appointment to discuss using your insurance as authorisation must be obtained in advance.


Your verruca-free days are rapidly approaching. Contact us today.