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  • Over 1000 permanent nail corrections
  • with a 100% success record
  • Long term solution to painful nails

The simplest long term solution for nail conditions is to educate and show our customers how to correctly cut and care for their nails. However, when nail problems keep returning or people can’t easily treat the problems themselves we offer a permanent fix.


Our techniques:

  • are performed under local analgaesia
  • are painless to have performed
  • can be performed in your lunch hour
  • need little or no time off work to recover
  • are cosmetically pleasing
  • offer a permanent solution
  • can be performed at convenient times throughout the week


The first step to a permanent solution for painful, recurring nail problems is to make a podiatry appointment to see one of our experienced podiatrists, Scott Corthine or Gavin Fane. Both have extensive experience providing a cure for problematic nailsand between them have performed well over a thousan procedures with complete success. We sometimes see people who have been told that nail correction is their only solution when it may not be, and we sometimes see people who have never been told they can simply be treated and find a permanent solution. Our team can talk to you about a comprehensive range of options available to help your particular nail problems and, if the procedure is suitable, talk about any special instructions you need to consider before or after the correction is performed. If you wish to have your nails corrected you can book an appointment by making a 50% deposit, with the remainder of the fee payable following the procedure.


Cost of inital consulttion and assessment £50

Cost of nail correction £250


Following your procedure we will monitor your progress carefully until you are completely healed. Each of these review appointments are £36 and are important to ensure no problems arise during that will affect the final results.

It really couldn’t be simpler. Just ask us for further help and information.