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  • Over 1000 permanent nail corrections
  • with a 100% success record
  • Long term solution to painful nails

The simplest long term solution for nail conditions is to educate and show our customers how to correctly cut and care for their nails. However, when nail problems keep returning or people can’t easily treat the problems themselves we offer a permanent fix.


Our techniques:

  • are performed under LA
  • are painless to have performed
  • can be performed in your lunch hour
  • need little or no time off work to recover
  • are cosmetically pleasing
  • offer a permanent solution
  • can be performed at convenient times throughout the week or weekend


We offer a a comprehensive package of care, or a pay as you go option, to suit different preferences, and our practice and team are recognised by all major insurers.

If you feel you require nail correction, or have been told that you need nail correction, please contact us and ask to see one of our podiatry team informally to discuss this as this is important for two reasons. Firstly, we often see people who simply have not been advised that there are non-surgical options avilable to them and then subsequently decide nail correction is unnecessary, and, secondly, the podiatrist who is undertaking the procedure has the opportunity to assess the nail condition, satisfy themselves that correction is appropriate and talk about any special instructions for you before or after the correction is performed.

It really couldn’t be simpler. Just ask us for further help and information.