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The Chiropody Podiatry Team

Our Award-Winning Foot Health Team

  • Experienced and award-winning therapists
  • Registered HCPC Professionals
  • Exceptional quality foot care throughout the week and Saturdays

When you join us at Leigham Practice you place your care in the hands of one of the most experienced teams in the country. We introduce to you our team of foot specialists:


Gavin Fane, Podiatrist

In his NHS career Gavin was promoted to senior and chief podiatry positions with the Foot Surgery Team, Research & Development, Service Development and Clinical Supervision. In addition to excellent medical pedicure skills, he has special interests in Permanent nail correction, advanced verruca treatments, diabetes foot care, high risk foot problems and wound/ulcer management.

Gavin was awarded the Medical Sciences Prize from the London Foot Hospital and maintained an interest in technology for health. Gavin has been developing Low Level Laser Therapy treatments and techniques for 20 years and trains other healthcare professionals in the use of lasers to obtain better outcomes for their patients.


Nathan Fittock, Podiatrist & Biomechanics

Nathan treats a wide range of core podiatry skills and treatments and is a running and foot pain specialist. Nathans can perform Gait Analysis, Exercise Prescription and Strength Training and Running Gait Re-training and liaises with other health practitioners such as physiotherapists and sports physicians.

He has additional skills with Foot Mobilisation Therapy, Orthotic manufacture and prescription and Dry Needling of the lower limb.


Michael Hooper Podiatrist & Biomechanics

After qualifying from Southampton University in 2006, Michael was offered a prestigious position in the local NHS in Southampton where he gained experience in all aspects of routine and advanced podiatry. Michael went on to be the lead clinician in the ‘At risk Foot team’ helping prevent problems associated with the complications that diabetes can bring.

In 2008 Michael then left the NHS to go and work for the one of the worlds leading and UKs largest orthotic manufacturer. Where he was the lead podiatrist for nearly 5 years. In his role there he helped to develop products and an educational programme, which he delivered to thousands of UK healthcare professionals and has a special interest in running and performance issues related to running, walking and sport.


Tom Gibson, Podiatrist

Tom spent 5 years as Specialist Podiatrist working with diabetic patients in Warkwickshire and in addition to his general podiatry skills he offers treatment for high risk feet and problems, and treats people with fragile health.

He is currently specialist Podiatrist for the Rheumatology department in Buckinghamshire, providing podiatry care and options for patients with a wide range of foot problems and health conditions.


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