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The Chiropody Podiatry Team

Meet our Experienced and Award-Winning Podiatry Foot Team

  • Highly experienced and award-winning therapists
  • Fully Registered HCPC Professionals
  • Exceptional quality foot care seven days a week

When you join us at Leigham Practice you place your care in the hands of one of the most experienced teams in the country. We introduce to you our team of foot specialists:

Gavin Fane, Podiatrist

  • Lead Podiatrist Surgery Assistant & Anaesthetics to the Foot Surgery Team at St Thomas’ Hospital DSU
  • Lead Podiatrist for Research & Development, Lambeth NHS
  • Lead Podiatrist for Service Development, Lambeth NHS
  • Chief Podiatrist in Lambeth for Inter-Professional Clinical Supervision
  • Awarded the Medical Sciences Prize from the London Foot Hospital
  • Special interests in Permanent nail correction, advanced verruca treatments, diabetes, high risk foot problems and wound management
  • Gavin an advocate for Low Level Laser Therapy and trains other healthcare professionals in the treatment of painful, complex problems
  • Gavin attends Leigham Practice Tuesdays to Fridays


Carolyn Simpson, Podiatrist

  • Former NHS Head of Service responsible for managing a large North London NHS Trust
  • Clinical  and Professional Lead for over 30 podiatrists working in many health centres and two major hospitals
  • Carolyn led the development of a new purpose built Gait analysis and Biomechanics laboratory whilst working in Islington NHS
  • Carolyn utilises her extensive experience and practical  skills to undertake a range of treatments to help and improve a wide variety of common foot problems
  • Carolyn attends Leigham Practice on Saturdays and Mondays


Scott Corthine, Podiatric Surgeon

  • Biomechanics and gait analysis specialist
  • Assesses problems with walking, running and performance.
  • Has worked with London’s West End, such as Starlight Express, Really Useful Company, Disney’s Lion King, Riverdance, Cameron McIntosh and the Royal Ballet School, to name a few
  • Continues to sit on the Performance Medicine Advisory Board at Dance UK, the leading charity looking after the welfare of professional dancers
  • Has a wealth of experience treating runners and professional athletes to Elite level
  • Also a consultant Podiatric Foot Surgeon with nearly 20 years’ experience, including 7 years as Lead Clinician of the Surgical Podiatry Department at Ealing Hospital NHS Trust.
  • Able to offer an overall consensus of the best way forward for both the surgical and non-surgical options available for problems.
  • Scott attends Leigham Practice on Tuesday afternoons and evenings


Tom Gibson, Podiatrist

  • 5 years as Specialist Podiatrist working with diabetic patients in Warkwickshire
  • Treatment of the most high risk feet and problems in people with fragile health
  • Currently a Specialist Podiatrist for the Rheumatology department in Buckinghamshire
  • Able to discuss the provision of care and options for patients with a wide range of foot problems and health conditions
  • Tom attends Leigham Practice on Saturdays