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  • A range of long-lasting rejuvenation treatments
  • Advanced Laser and Micro Needling
  • Traditional Chinese Acupuncture

Leigham Practice is one of the longest established centres of holistic health and one of the most technologically advanced multidisciplinary practices.

We offer edge technologies that provide skin rejuvenation without pain or significant side effects, alongside more traditional options. The effects are long-lasting and stimulate the natural processes that already exist in the body, so whatever your preferences you can be confident of safe and and natural looking results.


Low Level Laser Therapy has been established in our practice for over 15 years and is used for a wide range of health problems and to accelerate healing.

As one of the longest established clinics in London using this therapeutic lasers we have both an excellent reputation for safety and in producing wonderful results for our customers, locally, nationally and internationally.

Our laser therapy is a treatment without drugs or significant side, is painless to receive and produces long-lasting results it is suitable for all the family. We recommend 6-10 treatments depending on the condition of the skin in order to maximise both the effects and benefits, although visible results are almost always achieved much sooner.

There is a nominal charge for an initial assessment with our therapist to check your health and skin and to discuss you concerns expectations. If you’d like to proceed this fee can be redeemed against your treatment. Simply contact us if you require further information about our laser services.

Initial Assessment

Pre-treatment consultation 10*

Laser Rejuvenation

Single treatment 65

Courses of six receive an additioanl complimentary treatment


Micro Needling is painless and stimulates natural collagen to produce incredible instant and long-lasting results. Meso Vytal penetrates directly between the epidermis and dermis meaning highly effective targeting of visual surface skin problems, and also offers three different solutions for different skin types and problems. Our services are carried out by Florentina, who is an Elite Level aesthetic artist and is one of the few trainers in a range of aesthetic treatments.

We use photography to check and record your progress, but the ultimate success will rest with the opinions of you, your friends and your family.

The nominal fee for the initial assessment to discuss the possibilities can be redeemed against treatment if you would subsequently like to proceed.

Initial Assessment

Pre-treatment consultation 10*

Micro Needling Rejuvenation

Single treatment 70


Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture is a safe and effective treatment used for thousands of years to naturally stimulate the production of collagen, and provides a more traditional approach to achieving similar results. It is delivered with care and expertise by our British Acupuncure Council member and further information can be found here.


All prices above are in pounds sterling

*The cost of the Initial Assessment can be redeemed against Laser or Micro Needling treatments if you decide to proceed.


Simply contact us today and find out how easily we can help.