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Your first visit to Acupuncture at Leigham Practice


When attending Leigham Practice Acupuncture for the first time there are a few things we feel it important to consider to help you get the most from your time with us. Please read the following section and contact us if you have any questions about any aspect of our services.


What to wear

Acupuncture points run throughout the body and a combination of points are used for different problems, many of which are distant from where your actual problem may seem to be. It’s helpful to wear loose clothes to your first appointment so our team can access points easily.


Try and arrive early

This is particularly important if it’s your first time to the practice, or you are unfamiliar with the area in terms of transport and parking. We’re very close to Mount Ephraim Road bus stop, a few minutes walk from Streatham Hill train station and although our practice is on Streatham High Road itself, there is free parking around Mount Ephraim Road (opposite) or Leigham Avenue (adjacent), but parking pressures do fluctuate, so allow plenty of time.

If you haven’t completed the Practice Registration Form by following the link on your appointment confirmation email, you’ll have an opportunity to fill this in when you attend. You can also have a glass of water, refresh yourself, or just relax ahead of your appointment.


Continue your medication as directed

Although we aim to improve your health, reduce your medication if possible we stress that Leigham Practice is genuinely ‘complementary’ and you should not stop taking prescribed medication. If we help a problem and see good progress in your condition we may ask your permission to communicate with your GP to discuss lowering your medication.  Until such time please continue to take medication as directed by your medical team and discuss your problems with us at your appointment.


Will treatment be painful?

Almost always the answer is ‘No’. Most people describe acupuncture as painless or, at worst, like a dull ache. Acupuncture needles are not hollow like those for local analgaesic injections, or taking blood, and so it is uncommon to experience pain.


Still worried about pain?

We are one of the few clinics in the country experienced using Low Level Laser Therapy, that uses light directly over an affected area or as a needle-less form of acupuncture. Treatment is safe, effective, is absolutely painless and has no side-effects. If you would like to find out if laser acupuncture can help your problem please just make this known when you book and we can make sure this treatment is available for your appointment.


Is there anything I should or shouldn’t do?

For the Do’s

  • Book a convenient appointment that you can keep
  • Aim to arrive in plenty of time
  • Think about things that have happened to you in the past (both health and life events) that might be of significance
  • Bring with you any scans or reports and a list of any medication
  • Wear loose clothes as acupuncture often treats areas that are distant from where the main problem is located
  • Have something light to eat before you attend. YUou shouldn’t be full, but if you are on an empty stomach your body will already be experiencing stress
  • Have a glass of water when you arrive, refresh yourself and relax
  • Turn off your phone when you arrive so you won’t be disturbed

For the Don’ts

  • Avoid caffeine or alcohol for a few hours before your appointment
  • Avoid eating a heavy meal or spicy food just before you attend.


Your assessment

At your first consultation a thorough history will be taken in order to assess your general state of health. At this time your tongue is examined and pulses are taken in several different places on both wrists. A treatment plan will be devised choosing a combination of acupuncture points suitable for your needs. Our acupuncture team, Susana and Cindy, have many other skills and may discuss the use of other techniques such as cupping, moxibustion and massage, together with a more general discussion on dietary and life-style effects on health.


Your treatment

Most people find the experience of receiving acupuncture to be both deeply relaxing and invigorating. We may use music or lighting to enhance your experience. Following treatment any needles will be painlessly removed.


Further treatment

Following your treatment our team can discuss with you the ways forward and be able to give you a good idea of how may treatments they thinks you may need to help your problem. Our aim is to treat you safely and effectively, as quickly as possible, and you will be able to measure your own response as you improve and get better.