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  • Experienced Pain Relief acupuncturist
  • Traditional treatments & cutting edge technologies
  • structured program with quick results

If we offered pain relief, long-term and without drugs it sounds too good to be true, it’s just that over many years we have found that we can deliver this in most cases. We also that most is not all, so for over 30 years we have been developing simple systems to quickly establish whether we can help, or not.

You may have considered, or even tried acupuncture for pain relief, but Susana, our experienced member of the British Acupuncture Council has a few tricks up her sleeve. Firstly, Susana formerly worked at the Gateway Clinic, the NHS centre of acupuncture research treating chronic pain, where she gained experience and evolved her treatments. Susana is also one of the very few acupuncturists in the country trained and experienced in the use of Low Level Laser Therapy, which is both pain-free and drug-free and stumulates the processes of healing and repair.

Do you know why you have pain?

This is the first question we ask. Acupuncture at our practice is strictly ‘complementary’ and not ‘alternative’. We work closely alongside mainstream medical services, including GP’s and consultants as all of us have an interest in helping you to be pain free without problems. We consider that the treatment of pain, however successfully, without an accurate diagnosis of the origin of the pain is potentially dangerous. That said, if you have been medically assessed and the cause of your pain has not been identified then we will be very happy to see you and offer our services.

How does the system work?

  • We know about pain, we know its’ devastating effect on people and families and we know how to help.
  • We know we can help most people, but we know that also means we won’t help everyone.
  • We know how to quickly identify those we will help from who we won’t, so we don’t waste time and money.
  • We maximise treatment times using combined therapies in a safe, effective and comfortable way and at the same time reduce costs.
  • We do not process people. Your problems are unique and so are your treatments.
  • The ultimate evidence of success is how you feel, but we use the MYMOP Assessment Form to objectively assess the benefits of your treatment.
  • We do not provide painkillers. Our treatments aim to tackle both the pain and the causes of pain wherever possible.
  • We treat without drugs and without significant side-effects.
  • We seek to provide long-term relief and freedom from your dependence on drugs and healthcare professionals, including us.

Our practice may have a 30 year reputation in the area of pain treatment, but we also know that your pain is all that matters to you. We have earned our reputation one patient at a time, and we hope the next person to endorse us will be you. Please contact us in complete confidence and we will be happy to discuss your personal situation.