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Pain relief acupuncture at Leigham Practice in Streatham

  • Experienced Pain Relief acupuncture team
  • Traditional treatments & cutting-edge technologies
  • Focus on Quick improvements and long term relief

We aim to relieve pain and to reduce the need for drugs and our team find this can be achieved in many cases. For over 30 years we have treated painful problems to quickly help those who suffer.

Our highly experienced team treat pain of all types and can use traditional acupuncture and Low Level Laser Therapy. Treatment is without pain or side effects, and is evidence-based for a wide range of chronic health conditions.


Do you have a diagnosis?

It is important to have a medical diagnosis before starting acupuncture, otherwise we might delay you getting the right help. So long as you have been medically assessed, we will be happy to see you and offer our services. With your permission we can work with your GP and consultants.


How does the Pain Relief Pathway work?

  • We assess is your problem is suitable for a short period of intensive treatment.
  • If so, you will be offered a block booking of 3 to 4 treatments.
  • We maximise treatment times using combined therapies in a safe, effective and comfortable way.
  • We objectively assess the benefits of your treatment.
  • Your early progress will reveal the likely long term success.
  • We can talk to the medical teams about your progress.


We have a 30 year reputation in the area of pain treatment and have earned our reputation one patient at a time, and we hope the next person to endorse us will be you. Please contact us in complete confidence and we will be happy to discuss your personal situation.