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Chronic health problems treated with Acupuncture in Streatham

  • Wide range of Chronic Health conditions treated
  • Relief of pain and symptoms
  • Safe, natural and without side effects

A chronic condition is defined as any long term medical condition, which is not life-threatening, for which there is no long-term cure, yet our Acupuncture Team, Susana Pires and Cindy Britton, find they obtain good success providing relief of symptoms and improvements in function and quality of life. Our team have a tremendous amount of experience working with a wide range fo chronic conditions, such as headaches and migraines, back pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia and many more chronic conditions affecting adults and children.

Susana and Cindy also form a key pary of our multidisciplinary practice and can access a wealth of expertise to try to help people reach their maximum levels of comfort and enjoyment of life.

If you have a particular health problem, and you would like to know if our experts have treated people with similar problems, simply contact us today by phone or email and if we feel we can help we will tell you how.